Coding is the language of the future. A language that all genders should equally learn and practice.

Women should have equal shots as men

With the ongoing digital transformation all over the world, coding is one of the most in-demand and paying jobs. According to Microsoft, the global number of digital jobs is set to grow from 51 million this year to 190 million in 2025. This means millions of job opportunities in which women should have equal shots.

According to a global software developer survey in 2021, most developers are males, accounting for 91.7 percent of all respondents. Female developers amounted to only five percent of all respondents, demonstrating the male-dominating reality of software development jobs.

With women being present in the tech industry, the pay gap will be reduced, and the average woman’s pay will significantly increase, which means more women empowerment.

“Computing is too important to be left to men”

Karen Jones, a computer scientist who established the Basis for Search Engine.

Software development fits into everyone’s schedule

One of the advantages of Software Development careers is that they present great flexibility.

Whether you are working for a company or yourself, there are a lot of arrangements you can do to handle both your job and your personal life. Also, a lot of Software Developers nowadays, take more than one project at a time and build a daily schedule that suits their life.

You may not see the creative part, but it’s there.

Most of you believe that coding mainly requires analytical, logical, and mathematical skills, but that’s not only it. Coding is also about creativity, passion, and problem-solving.

Women tend to see certain things differently than men do and think differently. The digital world must have these thoughts and visions in it too.

With coding, all your thoughts and ideas could be transformed into something you and others see on screens. You will get the chance to influence others and enhance their digital experience.

Your creativity and problem-solving skills will allow you to put different pieces of technology together to form a large and complex whole.

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